2015: Our Plans, What To Expect!

Last year we traveled all over the world attending game conventions, demoing our games, playing games and networking with other game developers.

We also got a game on to Steam for the first time, with Chip being our debut to the platform and we released our first VR title Esper onto the Gear VR store in demo form.

Come on inside and check out our plans for the coming year!


We’ve put together a rough list of events we plan on attending this year, so if you are looking to try out any of our games or simply want to network with fellow developers, have a look at where you can expect to find us!

Please keep in mind that the list isn’t set in stone, more events will no doubt be added or we might not be able to attend the odd one.

  • GDC
  • Games Connection
  • Rezzed
  • Nordic Game
  • Insomnia
  • Game Horizon
  • EGX
  • GameCity
  • Gamescom


We had a blast with our games in 2014, and 2015 is something we are really excited about. We’ve got a lot of great stuff on the horizon, some of it we can’t yet reveal, but for now here’s a brief overview of what you can expect.


We will be continuing to add content updates to Chip, which as before with Like A Bot Out Of Hell will be totally free of charge! We’re also looking to have Chip made available for Android/iOS.


Our Virtual Reality debut Esper  will be making its way onto the Oculus store when the consumer Oculus Rift arrives. Currently we have a demo version available on the Gear VR.


Our hand-drawn platformer Shu, which we are developing in partnership withSecret Lunch, will be released onto the PS3, PS4 and Vita. We don’t have an exact date yet, but we are thinking late summer.


SuperGlad will be released this year. Where and when is still in debate, but you will certainly  start seeing and hearing a lot more about Ruby and Lloyd.

Other Stuff!

We want to continue interacting with the gaming community in a way which is more than a flat consumer/developer relationship.

Game Development Blogs – We produced a few last year, we are going to continue with these. We love sharing our knowledge and experience with both fans who want to peek behind the magical curtain and fellow game developers.

Coatsink Forums – We’re going to be opening up some forums so our community can come together, make friends with like-minded gamers & discuss and ask questions about our games. Our forums will be a great way to interact with our developers, if you’d like to discuss something with us or query something, our forums will be the place to go!

More cute art – A thing we hear quite often is how adorable some of our characters are. We’ll make sure to give you regular doses of cute via means of silly little comics and images.

That about wraps up everything – so far! Look out for us this weekend as we participate in the Global Game Jam!

Thanks for checking in with us. We really appreciate the support! Please stay in touch with us via Twitter and Facebook, we’d love to hear from you.