Catch up: Our 2016 so far

We’re approaching 2016’s halfway point as we cross over into June. We’ve been more busy than ever attending events, pushing out game releases and working on ongoing projects. 

Take a look at what the first half of the year had in store for us, with hints of what’s to come!

Esper 2 at The Gadget Show Live

Esper 2 was selected for the 2016 Indie Games Line Up on The Gadget Show Live. We went down to Birmingham and ran demos for a few days. It was a great event, filled with great tech and games.


Esper 2 launches alongside the Rift

The Oculus Rift got released, and Esper 2 was among other great games as a launch title. Previously Esper 2 was only playable on the Gear VR.


EGX Rezzed

We attended EGX Rezzed, which turned out to be our biggest event yet! We filled an entire room with demos of Esper 2, Shu and Gang Beasts in VR. Both Esper 2 and Gang Beasts VR made it into the top 20 fan favourites.


Award Nominations

Some of our games have received multiple award nominations. Esper 2 was nominated for an A MAZE award we didn’t win, but we were flattered to be considered. We also won some free demo space at Momocon for Shu.

Temple Jump

Gang Beasts online multiplayer Beta

As you may know we have been working closely with the Boneloaf team to bring networked multi-player and Virtual Reality to Gang Beasts. Aster some incredible witchcraft by our development teams, Gang Beasts online multi-player went into beta.


Shu nearing completion

It’s been a really long journey, but we are finally in the midst of the last stretch of development on Shu. We wrote a blog piece explaining why we had to delay the game and offering up pieces of advice on pushing through crunch time.


Thanks for checking in with us. We hope you have had a great half-year too! To stay more up-to-date, find us on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

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