ClusterPuck 99 coming to Nintendo Switch

We are excited to announce we are teaming up with PHL Collective to bring their popular party game ClusterPuck99 to Nintendo Switch™.

ClusterPuck99 is a lightning-paced 8-player sports game created for parties, competition and smack talk! Bash your friends to gain control of the puck then fight to score, avoiding spikes, ledges and – of course – everyone else


The Nintendo Switch version will feature:

  • 8-player local multiplayer
  • Instant replays and puck customization
  • Single-player challenge mode
  • Original Puck maps, plus a host of Nintendo Switch exclusives
  • Arena Creator

Scheduled for digital release on Nintendo Switch, connect up to 8 Joy-Con or Pro controllers and get ready to puck! Check out the new announcement trailer below.


PRESS? Head to the game page for ClusterPuck99 for more details & the press kit.

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