Coatsink 2016: A Year In Review

Another year has passed and we have landed in 2017. We have a lot of great stuff coming up, but we will talk about that later. For now, it’s time to be reflect on our 2016.

Gadget Show Live

We kicked off the year by taking Esper 2 to The Gadget Show Live in Birmingham. It was a very tech-focused event, a little different to our usual haunts (gaming expos and conventions). We were psyched to be around so much cool stuff. We even got to leave with some free drones!

Esper 2 Launches alongside the Oculus Rift


It was great to be right at the forefront of the birth of a new generation of Virtual Reality headsets. Esper 2 was an Oculus Rift launch title and got a little bit of screen-time at Oculus’ E3 presentation.

We continued our EGX Rezzed streak

We rocked up to EGX Rezzed again with a bevy of games to demo. We introduced players to a newer build of Shu, and gave them a taste of the Oculus Rift version of Esper 2. We also watched as people battled it out on Gang Beasts in VR. We also attended LOADS of other events, such as Insomnia, EGX, Gamescom and more.

Gang Beasts Online Multiplayer Beta Launch

We’ve been working alongside our good friends Boneloaf to give Gang Beasts an online multiplayer mode. Our coders have been doing code and stuff, to make the things do the stuff that we need them to. The Gang Beasts Online Multiplayer Beta was launched!

SuperGlad went to SuperSleep


After much tossing and turning, we decided to put SuperGlad to bed – but not forever. We are still in love with Ruby and Lloyd, however, other super-secret projects had to take priority. It’s bittersweet news, but in the end our aim is to deal in nothing but delight, and who better to deliver that to you than Ruby and Lloyd?

Esper & Esper 2 got married

Well, sort of. We decided to fuse our flagship VR titles together to form Esper: The Collection on the Oculus Rift.

Shu Launched


We finally released Shu on PS4 and Steam! We were delighted to let Shu spread his wings so that he could glide his way into the hearts of gamers. Shu will be released on Vita early this year.

We grew!

Last but not least, the Coatsink family grew a considerable amount. We took on a number of talented artists, coders, animators, testers, and a PR manager. We plan to get together soon for an updated photo!

We hope you had a great 2016 too, even though it was pretty apocalyptic. Thanks for checking in with us, we will have more news for you soon.

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