Coatsink Year in Review: 2015


The new year has officially begun and we’re back to work in the Coatsink office. Last year was great to us, we had a blast and we hope that you did too.

Before we engage the FTL drive and rush into the new year, let’s take a look back at our 2015.

Global Game Jam

Last January some of our team traveled away to a seaside cottage to work together for the Global Game Jam. It was there, that Vantage Point was born.


Vantage Point is a two player Virtual Reality game where one player takes on the role of a “Navigator”, the other an “Infiltrator”. They must work together in order to avoid detection and escape a facility which is jam packed with security.

Read a development blog about Vantage Point here, for more about the game and its conceptualisation.

Animex GameBridge Special

Every year, the Animex Festival comes to Middlesbrough, an event which celebrates creative industries such as film, animation and games. Local Networking event GameBridge joins in on the Festival, by hosting a networking event on one of the evenings of Animex.

We’re regular attendees of GameBridge, so we went along with Esper demos in hand. Read more about our time at the Animex Gamebridge special here.

Esper Release, EGX Rezzed

In March we released Esper onto the Samsung Gear VR Innovator’s edition.

For those not familiar with the series, Esper is set in an alternate 1975 and members of the public have started to develop telekinetic abilities, including you!

We also took Shu and Esper to EGX Rezzed in March. Read about our time there here.

New Additions

In April our development team expanded. This almost doubled the size of the company!

Esper at E3

We were lucky enough to jet off to E3 with Esper. Oculus kindly displayed an Esper demo over in their stands and we happily guided gamers through what would be for many, their first Virtual Reality experience. Read about our time at E3 here.

We were also featured on Oculus’ pre-E3 live stream, which was very exciting and encouraging for us.


Shu and Esper at Gamescom

Last summer we took Shu and Esper to Gamescom, one of the biggest gaming conventions in the world! We’re really glad we attended, we had a great time and received some fantastic feedback. This feedback helped us make Shu into a more enjoyable game. We wrote a piece about how the feedback improved Shu here.

EGX, Oculus Connect 2 Esper 2 & Gangbeasts VR

September was certainly the busiest month of the year for us. We revealed Esper 2 and announced that we would be working with our friends, Boneloaf, to bring popular multiplayer brawler Gang Beasts to the Oculus Rift.

We attended EGX and Oculus Connect 2 simultaneously!



VRTGO is a Virtual Reality conference that takes place in Newcastle. This was the second year the conference ran and we, as huge VR enthusiasts were in attendance one again. We took along a demo of the recently announced Esper 2 and enjoyed a day filled with insightful talks, VR demos and wrapped it all up with an awesome after party.

Esper 2 Released

As Christmas approached and the year began drawing to an end, we released Esper 2 onto the Gear VR. It was a great way to finish up such a great and eventful year.

From all of us at Coatsink, thank you for the continuing support and enthusiasm. We have a lot planned for 2016.

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