About pinch-2

Pinch is back. Bigger, better, and bolder than ever.

If you’re looking for ingenious puzzles and engrossing gameplay, look no further. The sequel to the critically-acclaimed iOS puzzler has arrived for the iPad. Once again, the colourful Norbs need your help.

Navigate fascinating mazes filled with new and improved obstacles, as well as more than a few surprises and collectables. Use the unique merging and separating ‘Pinch’ technique to surpass Colour Barriers and Holes, teleport around the levels using Chutes, and find a way to rescue the game-changing Black and Silver Norbs.


  • 100 levels, with more to come. Play the first 20 for free!
  • Beautiful visuals and intuitive gameplay built specifically for the iPad.
  • All-new game features like the Chutes, Black Norbs and Silver Norbs.
  • Complete levels in different ways to win awards.
  • 20 Game Center Achievements for completionists, and Leaderboards for competitive puzzle experts!
  • Original Music and Sound Effects from award-winning composers.
  • Colour Blind Mode for those with difficulty distinguishing certain colours.

pinch-2 Trailer
pinch-2 Screenshots
Concept art from pinch-2

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