Introducing: Augmented Empire


We’re pleased to introduce you to Augmented Empire, our upcoming Gear VR game. We revealed Augmented Empire at GDC and on social media last week, and Upload VR kindly posted a write-up detailing their hands-on with the game.

Augmented Empire is a Story-driven action RPG, set in New Savannah, a neo-noir city that sits on a man-made island in the North Atlantic. New Savannah hosts a three tier system in which people are divided depending on how valuable the government deems them.

We’ve created a cast of diverse and intriguing characters and we’ll lift the lid on some of them soon! With each playable character comes a class for you to master and a personality for you to love or hate.

We’ve done our best to include plenty of the trimmings that make RPGs memorable, fun and compelling. We have wanted to work on our own RPG for a long time, so we are looking forward to releasing Augmented Empire!

We’ll reveal more soon, until then keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts.