Meet the team: Coatsink expands to 50+


We’ve been busy! This year, we released an epic cyberpunk RPG, launched one of the most-downloaded VR mobile games, and set about bringing Shu to the Nintendo Switch. We’ve also grown. We’ve grown so much, in fact, we needed to knock down a wall to fit everyone in the office. So it’s time for introductions. And should you fancy becoming a part of things, take a look here for all our latest opportunities.

Sophie Smart


Sophie started her career in VFX, completing a BA then a Masters in Animation and VFX. After graduating, she moved straight into VR production at Hammerhead, on titles such as ABE VR and SYREN, plus a few commercial projects for Jaguar, Lexus and HSBC. In her own words, “I’m thrilled to be working at Coatsink now, continuing to refine my production skills and pushing the limits of VR and games.”


Gareth Davies

Concept Artist

Gareth (aka Spudonkey) started his career studying architecture at the University of Bath before making a seamless and impassioned transition to video game concept art. He’s worked for several studios, including Stainless Games and the Arch Creatives, plus a bit of freelancing. (A few notable clients include Bithell Games, Subset Games and Nightschool Studios.) When asked for a comment to include in this blurb, he said, “I’m very excited to join Coatsink and contribute my ideas to the exciting upcoming projects.”


Paula Sanchis Oviedo


Paula studied 3D art and animation for games at ESAT in Valencia, before finishing her degree at Teesside University, just down the road from Coatsink. After graduating (and freelancing around Madrid for a while), she joined Coatsink for an internship in January 2017 where she proved invaluable during the development of Augmented Empire.


Ella Shaw


Until recently, Ella spent her days at Durham University, working on her integrated Masters in Computer Science. Her third-year project was a rogue-like, and her master’s  project focused on melee combat in VR. When asked for a comment for this short bio, she said, “I’m very excited to be here, but I don’t know if that’s the sort of thing you’ll want to include!.” Turns out, yes, it is.


Alex Hunter


After completing his degree in Computer Science, Alex moved to the dark side and switched to Computer Games Technology for his Masters. He says, “My final master’s project involved evaluating and implementing a projective dynamics solver for soft body simulation against an alternative implementation in bullet physics.” The show-off.


Christopher Walters


Chris studied Computer Games Programming at Teesside University before spending a couple of years in software engineering, working on automation solutions. He’s glad to back in games.


Josh Beech


Josh studied Computer Games Programming at Teesside followed by a placement year at a software consultancy firm in London. After taking him to one side and jabbing him with hot pokers for a while, he had this to say: “I’m really excited to be joining Coatsink and looking forward to making games as part of the team.”


Lee Kemp


Lee started out as a Technical Designer at Hammerhead before moving to Developer, working on projects like Abe VR and SYREN. He was unavailable for comment before this went to print, but as his picture was taken in the office, he seems happy to be here.


Luke Wintflint


Luke cut his teeth as a freelance tester on Flame Over by Laughing Jackal. Last year, Coatsink dragged him on-board to help hunt bugs in Augmented Empire and we decided we liked him so much, he should have his own chair.


Richard Whitemore


Richard just finished studying Animation at Northumbria University. Apparently, he’s a man of few words.