Meet The Team: Adam Dickinson

Get to know the Coatsink Team! We’re going to be posting mini profiles on every single member of our team (with or without their permission). Next up is QA Lead: Adam Dickinson


Role: QA Lead

Bio: Adam joined Coatsink almost 1 year ago to the day of posting. Before working here, he was Lead Tester at Double 11, an Indie Games company in Middlesbrough. There he worked on games such as Prison Architect and Goat Simulator. Before that, Adam made “awful” MS Paint games “which were mostly an excuse to swear at anyone playing.” Adam also enjoys writing sad poetry. The rest of the time, Adam loves causing needless problems for himself.

Favourite Games: Earthbound, Space Funeral and Silent Hill 2.

Aspirations: I’d love to make a funny, goofy VR game here at Coatsink!

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