Meet The Team: Eddie Beardsmore


Get to know the Coatsink Team! We’re going to be posting mini profiles on every single member of our team (with or without their permission). Next up is Senior Project Manager: Eddie Beardsmore


Role: Senior Project Manager

Bio: Before Eddie joined Coatsink, he worked as a mechanical engineer, particularly in the Project Management side of things. Eddie was always closely involved with Coatsink, due to being the brother of CEO Tom. Once Coatsink grew to a size where a Project Management role was necessary, Eddie became an official member of the team. Since then, he has contributed to the development of Esper 2 and Shu and continues to work on upcoming projects. In his spare time, Eddie likes to surf and play football.

Favourite Games: Ocarina Of Time, Super Smash Bros, The Last of Us

Aspirations: Eddie wants Coatsink to continue steadily growing, but also maintain the family mentality that we have within the company. 

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