Meet The Team: Paul Crabb

Get to know the Coatsink Team! We’re going to be posting mini profiles on every single member of our team (with or without their permission), starting with Co-Founder and Lead Designer: Paul Crabb.


Role: Co-Founder, Lead Designer.

Bio: Before Coatsink, Paul worked as an artist at Game Studio Atomic Planet. After that, Paul founded Coatsink with Tom Beardsmore and worked on a number of mobile titles, steadily building the company up to what it is today. Paul is the puzzle-master behind Esper and Esper 2. We actually had to de-Paul the puzzles a bit to make them solvable by mortals. In his spare time, Paul enjoys playing video games, his guitar and creating prototypes.

Favourite Games: Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy 7 & Metal Gear Solid.

Aspirations: Paul is perfectly happy where he is right now. He wants this moment to last forever, and ever and over again.

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