Meet The Team: Richard Snowdon


Get to know the Coatsink Team! We’re going to be posting mini profiles on every single member of our team (with or without their permission). Next up is Lead Producer: Richard Snowdon

RichRole: Lead Producer

Bio: Before joining Coatsink, Richard worked at Eutechnyx, followed by Double Eleven, where he worked as a QA & Build Supervisor on Little Big Planet Vita.

Since joining our team Richard has played a huge part in the development of Shu and Esper 2, guiding our team in both timeliness and quality. He also brings magic to Coatsink, in the form of “magic Friday” where he performs magic tricks for us. Richard is a huge fan of NFL and also enjoys playing board/card games.

Favourite Games: Metal Gear Solid 3, Sonic the Hedgehog, Diablo 2.

Aspirations: Richard wants Coatsink to continue being “dead good.” He wants to continue working with us to push out great quality games for everyone to enjoy.

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