Meet The Team: Tom Beardsmore

Get to know the Coatsink Team! We’re going to be posting mini profiles on every single member of our team (with or without their permission). Next up is CEO Tom Beardsmore.


Role: CEO

Bio: Before Coatsink, Tom worked at Blizzard where he was a part of the World Of Warcraft Team. Tom founded Coatsink in 2010, alongside school friend Paul Crabb. Tom oversees the entirety of Coatsink, shakes hands with the right people and adds his own touch and final approval to all the games we produce. When Tom isn’t gaming he enjoys watching Anime/TV Series and annoying his wife and daughter. It’s not unusual for Tom to ask a member of the team to join him in the park for a Pokemon Go hunt.

Favourite Games: Skyrim, Witcher 3, Baldurs Gate 2

Aspirations: Tom wants Coatsink to continue growing!

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