Reinforcements have arrived, and we need more.


Last week, we welcomed our good friends Simon, Jimmy and Matt to the Coatsink team.

The talented trio formed Pixelbrawl about 18 months ago, and we worked together on Chip in the interim before convincing them to join us permanently. Needless to say, it’s amazing to add yet more passionate and dedicated folk to our team. Cue the Dragonball Z Fusion and/or Borg Assimilation jokes.

But we’re not done yet. Things are getting busier and busier here, and we’re in need of at least 2 more Programmers. We’ve had such success with talented and skilled North East graduates in the past, so that’s where we’re starting our search (at least until we get desperate). Ideally we’re looking for people familiar with Unity, but talent and passion for development/videogames is what’s key here. Please spread the word, and email if you’re interested.

Speaking of the North East, we’ve recently been reminded how much of a hotbed the region is for industry talent and innovation. At theĀ Teesside Game Developers Network event last week, we met some absolutely fantastic people (Boneloaf, the developers of the incredibly funny upcoming Gang Beasts, and Andrew Bennison of Update, a Manchester based network). It’s truly inspiring and uplifting to be surrounded by such like-minded people. Here’s hoping Coatsink can add to the successes!