Return of the Fat


Fatty update ahoy!

Yes, Fatty has been updated for iOS and Android. This update includes optimisation for all iOS devices (it finally runs at full-screen on iPhone 4/5 and iPad) and most Android devices, as well as a few bugfixes and tweaks on both platforms. It looks prettier too. Read all about it below:

‘Fatty’ On iOS® & Android™ Becomes Larger-Than-Life

With A Tasty New Update!

Middlesbrough, UK, September 20th 2013: Games developer ‘Coatsink Software’ is proud to announce a fresh update for their critically acclaimed title ‘Fatty’, a game about a stupid fat blob and his bouncing misadventures. Available on iOS® and Android™, and published by ‘Thumbstar Games’, Fatty is a plump little hero on a mission to gain – not lose – as much weight as possible!

The tasty new update includes optimizations on iOS® in addition to a handful of tweaks, while the Android™ update adds full-screen support across all devices, in addition to its own set of optimizations. With the update, Fatty has truly become larger-than-life, and gamers not previously acquainted with our stupid character, wonderful art and addictive gameplay should start bouncing now.

In Fatty, your aim is to bounce your blob as far and high as you can over dynamically generated terrains, while eating and/or destroying everything in your path. You do this by touching and holding the screen to force Fatty downwards (on the left or right of the screen to affect his direction slightly), and releasing when he hits the ground for the best bounce. While you’re bouncing you’ve got to be careful to avoid disgusting vegetables and other healthy food, poisonous clouds, and diet-pill wielding gym losers with nothing better to do than prevent Fatty from gaining weight! But Fatty cannot be stopped.

Featuring a ton of power-ups, dynamically-generated missions, 28 achievements to collect, and leaderboards for the competitive players, Fatty offers a lot of fun and addictive gameplay. Fatty can even take advantage of some really cool gadgets such as goggles and a jetpack, both which introduce hilarious, unique and refreshing gameplay.

So that should give you something to play with until we finish the next SuperBlog, which will include EXCITING DEVELOPMENT REVELATIONS. 😮