Shu Community: Time Trial Shu-Down Begins!


Today is the day we launch our Shu Community Time-Trials!

Shu was created with speed-running in mind, so we want to reward the most accomplished and determined players by giving them something to aim for.

Owners of Shu on Playstation 4 and Steam are challenged to show us their best times from World 1 Level 1. Being the fastest this time around will earn you a Shu T-shirt and a set of cute Shu stickers.

Don’t worry if you do not own Shu, because we are also challenging everyone to pick up the demo on Steam, and take a shot at being the best. If you succeed, you will win a Steam Key for the game. If you want to join in with future time trials, Shu is currently 25% off on Steam, so now would be a great time to grab it.


We are going to be running a competition for each world over the next few months, take a look at our timetable and prize pool:

Date Level Prize
25th Nov- 8th Dec W1 – L1 Shu Tshirt & Sticker set
25th Nov – 8th Dec DEMO Shu Key
9th -15th Dec W2 – L2 Shu Tshirt & Sticker set
16th – 22nd Dec W3 – L2 Shu Tshirt & Sticker set
30th Dec – 13th Jan W4- L3 Steam Link & Shu Tshirt & Shu canvas map & Sticker set
14th Jan – 27th Jan W5 – L1 Steam Link & Steam Controller & SHU Box & Personalised Canvas

Entry requirements will be consistent throughout. All you need to do is tweet us (@ShuTheGame) a screenshot or video with evidence of your time, along with the #ShuGame hashtag. We’ll look through every entry after the deadline and announce a victor shortly afterward. (If you don’t use twitter much/at all, you will still need to tweet us, but please leave us a way to contact you in case you win. If we can’t contact you after a week of the deadline passing, we will have to move on to the runner (hehe) up.)

May the best bird win!

As always, you can stay in touch with us via various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.