Shu – One year on.

It’s exactly one year to the day since the initial launch of Shu on Steam and PS4… And what a year it’s been!

With the support of an engaged and passionate community, Shu has seen numerous content packs, a PS Vita release, and is now scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch.

To recap, here’s how the last 12 months played out:


October 4th 2016

After months of sweat and tears from the team, Shu launched on Steam and PS4 on October 4th 2016.

April 14th 2017

3 free new levels landed on Steam, and Coatsink announced a May release for the PS Vita version.

May 23rd 2017

Shu launched on PS Vita, which included platform-exclusive content in addition to the 6 free levels which dropped simultaneously on Steam and PS4.

September 6th 2017

Last month, we were thrilled to announce Shu would be coming to Nintendo Switch.

Demos and Shows

Shu has been a Coatsink mainstay at conventions the world over, from the Tokyo Game Show to PAX in Boston, to EGX in Birmingham. Now, as Autumn rolls round, the team is looking forward to Shu’s launch on Nintendo Switch!