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With July ending we look ahead to exciting times ahead through the latter half of 2017. But first, let us revisit the madness that was July.

Augmented Empire Launch

At the very end of June we revealed the launch trailer for our latest Oculus VR game Augmented Empire along with its release date of July 13th. Finally being able to show this trailer along with snippets of gameplay was immensely satisfying for the team, especially given the reaction.

In case you’ve yet to hear about it, Augmented Empire is a story-driven RPG set in a cyberpunk universe filled with tactical turn-based combat.

Augmented Empire brings a cyberpunk tale of disparity and hope to VR. From the armchair of your secluded hideout, control a team of six misfits in a world rendered as ‘augmented reality.’ In 2058, the city of New Savannah is divided into three tiers via the Citizen Grade System. While the citizens deemed of high societal value live in luxury at the summit, outliers and criminals languish in squalor at the island’s depths.

You can pick up Augmented Empire on the Oculus Store for Gear VR.


The press & the wider world started to weigh in on Augmented Empire

No need to take our word on AE, there have been plenty of fantastic pieces published on the game. (Clicking the images will take you to the full article.)


Develop Conference 2017

Develop is a conference specifically aimed at bringing thousands of Game Developers together from all over Europe. Coatsink has made a tradition of attending the show, and this year was no different. In Brighton the crew attended many awesome talks, met up with fellow devs and generally had a blast. We were also lucky enough to catch up with some of the wonderful voice talent who worked on Augmented Empire.

Spark FM Interview on Augmented Empire

Jack (PR Manager) & Jon Davies (Narrative Designer)  sat down with local Sunderland-based radio station SparkFM to talk all things gaming along with an in-depth look at our work on Augmented Empire, just a few hours before its launch. You can listen to it here.

A Night Sky adds some new friends

Our stargazing experience A Night Sky has been out for a few months on Samsung Gear VR, but you can still pick it up free from the Oculus Store. Since its launch we’ve already added one DLC update (Night of the Dragon), and July saw us add our second, Night of the Golems. This update adds some tough new friends for you to make, and play with, under the stars.

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