We’re heading to EGX Rezzed with Esper and Superglad!

It’s that time again. Mad preparations and excitement as we pack our bags and ready ourselves for the journey down to London to attend EGX Rezzed.

This year it is particularly exciting for us. For one, we are going to be displaying Esper in the BAFTA games area and two, we’ve got a shiny new build of SuperGlad to show off, which you will be able to find emitting all the cuteness from the Indie Zone!

Superglad 2015-03-05 14-48-24-45

We’ve had a really cool few months. Esper was fully released onto the Samsung Gear VR and we have had a lot of great feedback. We are thrilled to hear that people are just as pleased with the full game as they were with the demo.

We’re looking forwards to introducing more people to our Virtual Reality debut at Rezzed. If you haven’t tried Esper, or in fact any VR yet, and you are lucky enough to be attending, come and find us!


We’ve got a bunch of awesome merchandise to give away too. If you come and play one of our games, expect to walk away with some kind of memento. We won’t spoil the surprise, come and see for yourself. Word has it we might have some Steam-keys to give away too! Who knows? (We do, heh heh heh.)

Thanks again for all the support and hype, especially surrounding the release of Esper. We feed on your hype! Keep in touch with us via Facebook and Twitter and why not check out the Coatsink Forums?