Game Announcement – They Suspect Nothing for Oculus Go

We are excited to announce our latest game; They Suspect Nothing.

They Suspect Nothing is a collection of mini-games taking place in a robot city.

Our CCO Paul Crabb had this to say about our time working on the project.

‘We were fortunate enough to work with Oculus once again to create They Suspect Nothing. We worked closely with Oculus to create a collection of mini-games with the focus on a sharable, pick up and play experience. We love that you can challenge your friends and family to beat your high scores, pass them the headset and get them in on the fun.’

We had the chance to sit down with Unity earlier this week to talk about the development of They Suspect Nothing. Check it out here for insight into the very early development and our experiences.


As the last human on earth, you must infiltrate a robot-only society by completing a series of bizarre
human detection tests. Assuage suspicion with machine-like efficiency as you conduct open part
surgery, pilot a drone, manage rush hour in an explosives plant, instigate armageddon in a cataclysm
simulator, plus eight other equally ridiculous and entertaining experiences.

Your dexterity, perception and logic will be put to the test to ‘prove you’re metal’ and confirm
there’s nothing suspicious hiding inside that cool, robot exterior.

Relax… They Suspect Nothing.


  • 12 humorous mini-games with 3 difficulty modes
  • 3 unique game hubs and robot instructors
  • Customizable robot avatar plus local profiles and leaderboards
  • A full voice cast including award-winning actor Jim Broadbent
  • Comfortable ‘pass and play’ gameplay to share the experience with friends