Announcing Astronimo Technical Beta

Feb 6, 2023

In a Galaxy Far Far Away…

Lost in space, abandoned on a strange planet, you must explore, build a shuttle and try to reunite with the fleet.

Welcome to Astronimo! A brand new cooperative construction platform puzzler, designed for space and sandbox enthusiasts alike and built from the ground up on a custom designed in-house engine.

While mining for minerals in the vast reaches of the galaxy, four Hypergiant Inc employees crash-land on a small planet and become stranded. In the hopes of reuniting with their fleet, you must help them to cover every inch of the planetary surface, gather all manner of resources to solve puzzles in unique and creative ways, then build a shuttle and fuel it to launch back into space.

Astronimo takes platforming and customisation to the interstellar medium and beyond with its quirky campaign. Or take things a step further with customisation that stretches the bounds of your imagination with Community Moon.

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The Technical Beta includes:

  • Chart a whole galaxy – Fun-Filled Campaign that features the tutorial & 1 planet with content and discoveries aplenty.
  • In this together – Play co-op with up to three others and work out how to get back home together.
  • Compose Cosmos – Community Moon gives you tools to populate a planet and share your creations on Steam Workshop
  • Drag, Drop and Distribute – Garage Mode makes crafting the unimaginable easy
  • Fun with friends – Wave. Play Music. Be a dog in space. Astronimo is all about having fun and sharing memories with friends, old and new.

The Astronimo Technical Beta is live RIGHT NOW. Head to Steam to sign-up and remember to bring your friends! Also if you have any questions or want to find fellow astronauts to team up with, join our Discord. 

Astronimo will launch in Early Access later this year.

Helen Morris

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