Celebrating Ten Years of Coatsink!

Jun 1, 2021

“This is a really big moment for us.”
Paul Crabb – CDO & Co-Founder

2021 is an important anniversary for Coatsink because it’s our tenth year making games and we believe it’s our most exciting yet!

We announced Moonglow Bay at the /twitchgaming Showcase in March which will arrive on Xbox and Steam later this year. We’ll also be releasing the second part of Jurassic World: Aftermath on Oculus Quest in 2021, but that’s just the start.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be revealing even more titles, some of them releasing in 2021. Others in 2022 and beyond!

Coatsink has come so far since our first game, Pinch! Since then, we’ve worked on a wide variety of products, from the doggy duo physics puzzler, PHOGS, to the hand-drawn, exotic platformer, Shu

Coatsink are also credited on many other beloved projects, such as Transformers: Battlegrounds and Kingdom: Two Crowns. We even supported on the technical aspects of Gang Beasts!  

One thing Coatsink have always tried to do is make gaming experiences that are lasting and meaningful. Which is where our anniversary celebrations begin: reflecting on our favourite moments.

“Working on Shadow Point was a huge personal accomplishment for me. It’s the first time I’d realised we’d made it, developing a game with Sir Patrick Stewart in it! Moving into the world of VR games was certainly a good turn for the company and it set us off like a sky rocket. I can’t imagine where we’d be without VR.

Paul Crabb

CDO & Co-Founder , Coatsink

“There have been several from a business perspective, like getting involved in Gang Beasts and the success of Onward. The first time we were featured with Oculus at E3 and Jason Ruben talked about Coatsink on the stage was a really proud moment for us, though. Shortly after that, once ESPER was finished, we got a call from Steve Arnold during the early days of Oculus Studios, and he asked us to work on a new game, offering us three times what we got for ESPER on the spot. Paul had to mute his microphone!”

Tom Beardsmore

CEO & Co-Founder , Coatsink

Win an Xbox Series S!

Today, we’re kicking off our celebrations with sales across major platform holders so you can get some fantastic reductions on our titles and we’re hosting a Coatsink 10 celebratory stream. Throughout the month of June, we’re also giving away an Xbox Series S with 3 Months of Game Pass and a limited edition Coatsink 10 Jumper! 

Looking to the future

As we progress through the year, you’ll hear from Coatsink staff, celebrating the amazing achievements of our friends and colleagues, and learn more about the many exciting projects we’re developing.

Such as our ambitious Coatsink Go Green initiative we’re piloting this year. This is our environmental and sustainability pledge to be mindful of our environmental impacts, act more sustainably and give back to the planet in the midst of a Climate Emergency. We’ll talk more about that in a future update.

For now, we just want to say THANK YOU for being part of our journey these past ten years. Whether you attend our streams, have visited us at a show, played our games or left us your feedback, we appreciate every ounce of support more than we can ever truly express. 

Here’s to ten more years of stylish and audacious indie-games!

Ray Willmott

Ray W - Senior Social Media & Community Manager

Ray has worked across a number of globally recognised franchises and specialises at building friendly and welcoming communities. He also loves a good pun!

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