Chicken for Charity 2 for Special Effect

Jul 22, 2019

Did you know that some charities have Battle Royale modes? Special Effect certainly does!

Chicken for Charity 2 is a Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds tournament where various gaming related businesses compete against each other. We are joined by SEGA, GAME, Creative Assembly and Playground Games only to name a few.

Special Effect specializes in accessibility options for people with physical disabilities. We strongly believe that everyone should be able to enjoy games effortlessly which is why we’re proud to be supporting Chicken for Charity 2.

If you want to support this charity event, please consider sending over a small donation:

Don’t miss the most exciting PUBG tournament of the year and tune in to the live stream on July 26th at 5 PM BST:

Good luck to all participants! Who do you think will bring the football… no, the chicken home?

Selina Schrimpf - Community and Social Media Manager

A social media specialist from Cologne, Germany. Selina joined Coatsink in 2019.

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