Coatsink adds Cake Bash to its indie publishing recipe

Apr 3, 2019

Coatsink is excited to announce a partnership with High Tea Frog to bring their first independent game ‘Cake Bash’ to multiple platforms in 2020.

Cake Bash is a manic party game for up to four players, where the goal is to make yourself as irresistible as possible.

Cover yourself in chocolate, jelly beans and all manner of sugar-studded goodies to become the tastiest cake, but watch out – your rivals will do anything to stop you, whether it’s by clouting you with a spork, knocking you into pigeon poop, or covering you in all manner of gunk!

Cake Bash is slated for a 2020 multi-platform release and will include local and online multiplayer, 7 unique playable characters and a whole host of game modes and worlds to enjoy.

Cake Bash will be present at Coatsink shows throughout 2019, with its first appearance at EGX Rezzed at London Tobacco Docks!

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