Coatsink Global Game Jam 2020

Feb 3, 2020

The Coatsink Global Game Jam

The Global Game Jam is an event nobody wants to miss at Coatsink. In fact, half of the office got together in the beautifully idyllic Cumbrian countryside to develop video games for 48 hours.

As always, participants receive a theme from the Global Game Jam organizers at 5 pm local time. This theme must be kept a secret until every country is participating. This year’s theme was Repair.  What kind of games would you create with the theme Repair in mind? Repairing a car?  Refurbishing a house? Well, our developers were a lot more creative than this as you will find out below!



Splodge is about a little creature exploring a world and finding out what things once were.

The Absolute Disgrace

After a terrible storm, you find your ship, The Absolute Disgrace, in a bad state. Travelling around this enclosed cove, you must recover the pieces of your ship, all the while avoiding Flame Forts, Vicious Vessels and a Ghostly Galleon.


BP has done it again and spilt gallons of oil all over a family of adorable seals. Chase and spray them to clean the beach and repair the environment in ClubSeal!


Summuh is a puzzle platformer set in the fantasy world. The Player controls a magical being with the powers to breakdown and repair elements of their environment. The Player must assist the inhabitants of the game by retrieving their lost idols, but at what cost?


Play as a small harmless robot, and repair the damaged systems of your facility. But beware, the facility in RoboRepair gets more dangerous the more systems are repaired!


In Servo, you control robotic arms to put broken objects back together!

Racing Robo Repairs

You have been abducted! Your new “hosts” expect you to be an expert at robotics, and insist you repair their Racing Robots! Reassemble the parts provided by your overlords and then race it to see how far it manages to go!


The dam is gonna bust! Unless you fix it, of course


The universe is bad. It must be remade. Lasso it.


Planet Virtue is about to explode and you and whoever you can find have to escape. Find enough resources to power the communication tower and fuel the ship to escape. You’ll have some robotic helpers, but they may occasionally break down.

Seedy Beets

Seedy Beets lets you grow the seeds to restore your flowerbed back to life with music.
Ray Willmott

Ray looks after Moonglow Bay, REPLACED and #Coatsink10 ! He adores a good curry, loves RPGs, and has worked across a number of globally recognised franchises

Chip Character Small


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