Gang Beasts Train Update

Aug 9, 2018

Gang Beasts Train Update blog post is taken from the official Gang Beasts community update and supports our partnership with the creators of Gang Beasts – Boneloaf

Choo, Choo, the Gang Beasts Train update (build 1.0.5) is available now as a free download for PS4, Windows, macOS, and Steam supported Linux platforms (SteamOS and Ubuntu), the update has a new train stage (an industrial freight train transporting shipping containers on a precarious cliffside track), a series of miscellaneous costume sets (beef mascot, fire fighter, frogman, pirate, and rail worker), and numerous fixes for game issues and exploits.

Concurrently with the work on the 1.0.5 build we have also worked to standardise, optimise, and modularise the game structure to support making new content and systems for a series of planned game modes, specifically we have made a full review of the processes and systems for prototyping and testing new costume parts and stage geometry for the game, the work on standardising content and systems was necessary to configure the game for the playset and story game modes, to support more frequent content releases and bug fix patches, and to support other platforms and markets without negatively impacting work on other game modes and game content.

We expect to release examples of this work in the next significant content release later this year with a series of updated hazard escalations, stage variations, and new costume sets.

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