Get Packed Patch Notes

May 27, 2020

All you need to know from our Get Packed Patch Notes!

Read on to find out what’s been fixed in the latest Get Packed patch. If you have any more questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re a friendly bunch!


  • Fix bonus objective and challenge synchronisation, clients will now correctly be updated
  • Fix head/outfit mismatch between lobby and game
  •  Prevent objects from being destroyed in the van
  •  Fix for the player being moved off the map
  • Fix never ending loop sounds for client player (security guards, rolling parked car, vault alarm)
  • Fixed missing client audio for the warehouse races
  • Fix missing bonus score value on the client complete screen
  • Fix permanently fleeing ghost on client if exorcism is interrupted
  • Fix pause menu becoming unresponsive for the host
  • Fix to explosives van delivers in destruction mode not working.
  • Fixed van shutter detachment when the van is full
  • Improved player ragdoll synchronisation
  • Fix some misbehaving objects (trampoline, rocks)
  • Allow remote players to take free lobby slots in online mode
  • Fix missing ready stamps in the online screen
  • Fix missing ready stamps on joining a lobby in the lobby screen
  • Improve matchmaking stability and lobby merging
  • Fixed the selected level appearing locked for the client in the online screen


  • (All levels) – Room clearance bonuses correctly trigger when all items from room are packed
  • (Gamewide) – Fixed issue where a player would lose the ability to grab if they grabbed an AI character as it was standing up
  • (Gamewide) – Fixed issue where vehicles were not destroying objects like they should
  • (Gamewide) – Fixed issue where the player could easily knock themselves out when jumping on objects
  • (Tutorial) – Fixed missing tick markers in tutorial.
  • (Tutorial) – Fixed duplicate countdown timer sounds
  • (Level 1_3) – Fixed “Score 3 stars without breaking the balcony railing” challenge. Now should correctly trigger if no balconies are broken.
  • (Level 2_1) – Fixed “Score 3 stars while never being hit by a forklift” Challenge
  • (Level 2_1) – Fixed a problem where the van could travel back and take a long time to unload and move off again after the game has already ended
  • (Level 2_2) Fixed “Smack a nerd challenge” players must now knockout a nerd with an object they are holding.
  • (Level 2_2) Fixed incorrect animations triggering on the nerds when players bumped into them during their cheering animation
  • (Level 2_2) Fixed incorrect turning behaviour on the nerd on  coffee break when other nerd are nearby
  • (Level 3_1) – Shoppers should no longer get stuck in place if bumped into while carrying out their animations
  • (Level 3_1) – Fixed chain reaction challenge. Now triggers when an explosion causes other explosives or a drinks keg to explode.
  • (Level 3_1) – Fixed “Explode all fireworks” challenge. Now correctly triggers when all fireworks are destroyed
  • (Level 3_2) – Fixed “King tut the nut” achievement. Will now trigger when hitting the guard with any piece of the sarcophagus, even when broken. Player must be holding the piece that hits the guard.
  • (Level 3_3) – Fixed “Blow vault in under 10 seconds challenge”. Added additional propane tanks to vicinity of vault so it can be blown faster. 
  • (Level 3_3) – Fixed “Knock out all guards challenge in bank” now triggers when all guards are unconscious regardless of how they were knocked out.
  • (Level 3_3) – Fixes security getting stuck in animations, fixes security vision not identifying players correctly when guarding, fixes security being able to see players whilst unconscious
  • (Level 4_1) – Fixed “Keep a prisoner on the net for most of the game” challenge. Now tracks the amount of time a prisoner has been bouncing correctly
  • (Level 4_2) Objects on the back of the cargo trucks no longer break into pieces when the truck stops.


  • (Dynamite) – Reduced force required to ignite
  • (Fireworks) – Changed visual VFX to update ugly appearing/disappearing light
  • (Giant Billboard) – Can now flatpack each of the 3 main sections
  • (Dolly Cart) – Can now flatpack this object
  • (Automatic Doors) – Fixed incorrect impact forces when hitting players/AI
  • (Office Desk Dividers) Fixed an issue where the navcutters were’t disabling properly, causing issues with AI pathing.
  • (Balcony Railings) – Added missing metal breaking sounds to banisters

Thanks for reading our Get Packed patch notes and we hope you enjoy the game! If you spot something that’s not in the Get Packed patch notes that you’d like to speak to us about then chat to us over on Discord now.

Ray Willmott

Ray looks after Moonglow Bay, REPLACED and #Coatsink10 ! He adores a good curry, loves RPGs, and has worked across a number of globally recognised franchises

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