Haunted High Creeps onto Meta Horizon Worlds

Sep 29, 2023

Haunted High creeps its way onto Meta Horizon Worlds today, exclusively on Meta Quest! This is the first game developed by Coatsink for the virtual world service, having collaborated with the team at Meta to craft a frighteningly spooky teamwork experience using all of our game-making expertise.

Haunted High casts you and up to three other players as members of a paranormal investigation club as you seek to stop a mysterious infection spreading throughout the dark, disheveled hallways of an abandoned school. Equipped with a high-tech blowtorch device, you’ll need to communicate with each other to locate and burn a series of disgusting growths as they start to spread.

But watch out, as you’re not the only ones wandering in the darkness…

Players will need to avoid a variety of malevolent ghosts with deadly intentions, increasing in number and ability as the night goes on. Don’t get spotted – and if you do, run towards your nearest hiding place. It might be your only chance to survive!

That’s where the computer room comes in handy. Here, players have access to a live map, tracking not only the location of your teammates, but the ghosts too! This is where co-operation comes in – players who work together to communicate threats and guide their companions towards success will have the greatest chance of surviving the night, stopping the infection, and freeing the spirits from their torment.

Haunted High strikes that perfect balance between spooky thrills and fun with friends. Hardened horror fans will need to balance their own survival against the challenges of navigating the dark, labyrinthine hallways. On the other hand, players with a more timid nature may find benefit in commanding the offensive from the relative safety of the control room. Just be careful to burn the growths quickly, as some say the ghosts can become enraged…

Haunted High can be played now in the Meta Horizon Worlds app, completely free on Meta Quest.

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