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Aug 24, 2021

PHOGS! Patch Notes – August 2021

A full list of all the PHOGS! patch notes can be found here:



  • Fixed an issue where users on Windows 10 couldn’t connect to each other.
  • Removed the FPS counter on the Windows 10 version.


  • Fixed an issue where users wouldn’t receive game invites when setting the language to Japanese.

PHOGS! Patch Notes – February 2021

A full list of all the PHOGS! patch notes can be found here. 


Bug Fixes

  • Minor fixes for Sleep World Heist Trophy, and the Sleep World 3 Glorb Bone
  • Collision fixes in Temple World and the Tutorial
  • Minor fixes to ball spawning during the Frederick Von Fun boss sequence
  • Fixed an issue where the bone counter would sometimes misalign from the number of actually collected bones, making three Trophies impossible
  • Improved visuals during the split sequence
  • Changed the way re-entering Temple World works to fix some issues later in the level. Now, re-entering the Temple World entrance from the Home Hub will put you at the start of the Temple World level you were last in
  • Minor Credits change

Online Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where leaving and rejoining games could cause network instability
  • Fixed some edge cases when hosting a game with no save data present
  • Mitigated cases where confirm dialogs would not dismiss after joining games
  • Minor sync improvements across many areas:
    – Improvements to SW 4 spinning wheel sync
    – Improvements to PW 4 dodgems sync
    – Improvements to Home Hub ball sync
    – Improvements to FW berry scale sync
    – Improvements to bouncy animation sync (across multiple worlds)
  • Fixed PW Boss hole-in-the-floor star collection for clients
  • Fixed various cogs in FW not rotating for client
  • Fixed spawn locations when starting a fresh game in multiplayer


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players could not access or change the settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the bone count could become desynced from the collected bone count. The final 3 achievements can now be unlocked. The fix will only trigger when the player quits and re-loads the game. It will grant the achievement(s) they should have been granted when re-entering the game as it will check the bones again manually, rather than based off the total.

PHOGS! Patch Notes – December 2020

A full list of all the PHOGS! patch notes can be found here. 

Steam & Stadia

18/12/2020 Hot Fix

– Fixed an issue where controllers weren’t recognized if no controllers were connected when the game launched


– Added support for Steam Input and Controller Configurations. There are official controller configurations available for Xbox One, DualShock 4, and Switch Pro controllers – or you can make your own!

– Added an in-game frame limiter (options: Unlimited, 30, 60, 120)

– Changed the way re-entering the final Temple sequence from the Home Hub works

– If you are in Temple World 1, you will restart Temple World 1 from the beginning.

– If you were in Temple World 2, you will be presented with the “You have progress in this level…” dialog. Accepting this dialog will then load the player into Temple World 2, declining it will start Temple World 1 from the beginning.

Bug Fixes

– Fixed an issue in Play World 4 where grabbing the crane minigame after using the dodgem would cause the PHOGS! to teleport back to the dodgem with hilarious results

– Fixed an online synchronisation issue with the spinning wheel in Sleep World 4

– Fixed a rare issue that could cause network instability upon unexpected network loss

– Fixed an issue where tennis balls could become stuck during the tennis match with Fredrick von Fun in the final Play World level

– Fixed an issue in Sleep World 4 where the heist achievement would not unlock if the Alarmo was used, even if the Phogs were never detected by the Watchers

– Fixed an issue where some Spring Cushions in Sleep World Hub would not bounce the PHOGS!

– Fixed an issue where a bone could end up becoming non-collectable by getting a glorb stuck in Sleep World 3

– Fixed a potential issue with some Watchers getting stuck in Temple World 2

– Fixed a potential issue where the PHOGS! would go into an ‘endless fall’ after jumping off a particular section

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