Shadow Point AVAILABLE NOW on Oculus Quest & the Rift Platform

May 21, 2019

The wait is over…

May 21st 2019 marks the release of Coatsink’s biggest and most ambitious VR game to date, Shadow Point, in partnership with Oculus Studios.

Shadow Point represents almost two years of dedication and work from a small and extremely talented team in the North-East of the UK, all driving towards a singular goal: to create a thing of wonder and beauty.

Combining a sublime soundtrack, gorgeously stylized visuals and the incomparable Sir Patrick Stewart, Shadow Point takes you on a journey from the Scottish Highlands to an evolving fantasy world while regaling an intimate tale of friendship and heartache spanning a lifetime.

Throw in full hand-tracking and freedom of movement, mind-bending puzzles and some Escher-infused geometry, and the result is something truly special. 

So on behalf of the artists, programmers, designers, producers, animators, testers and actors who helped make Coatsink’s latest VR title a reality…

Welcome to your gateway to the heavens.

Welcome to Shadow Point.

Shadow Point is a cross-buy title on Quest and the Rift Platform

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