Women Making Games North East

Mar 8, 2019

What is Women Making Games North East?

Women Making Games is a monthly networking meetup for female game developers. It is a great opportunity to meet developers of indie as well as AAA studios.

Along with Hannah and Katie from Coatsink, I attended this meetup for the first time. Still being very new to the games industry and also the North East of England, it was a great opportunity for me – and many others – to meet people with common interests outside of work.

While I was the only person working in marketing, there were even more women working in production, art, quality assurance, animation and more. Since the North East is a still growing cluster for the games industry, we met with folk from all sorts of studios such as Ubisoft or Hammerhead as well as freelancers.

 This meetup doesn’t only provide insight into other people’s work but also helps you to come up with new ideas that might help you to improve your own. Two people can share the same profession but will do their work in very different manners. It’s beneficial to both to provide feedback and accept advice. 

This is what it’s all about:  supporting each other. 

Women Making Games North East

Who can join Women Making Games North East?

This is a regular meetup taking place in Newcastle. We don’t do panels and informal talks but get together and talk about games we make (or want to make) or games we play in our free time. 

If you’re a woman looking for networking opportunities in the games industry, don’t hesitate to send me a message via Discord! Anyone is welcome to attend.

You’re also welcome to join over Facebook group: 

Ray Willmott

Ray looks after Moonglow Bay, REPLACED and #Coatsink10 ! He adores a good curry, loves RPGs, and has worked across a number of globally recognised franchises

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