Coatsink: Our 2014 In Review!

Happy New Year! 2014 was certainly a busy and exciting year for us here at Coatsink. We traveled all over the world, grew in size as a team and released a game on to Steam for the first time.

Catch up with us and check out our 2014 in review!


We migrated from our Middlesbrough digs and moved into a new office in Sunderland Software Centre. We also attended Pocket Gamer Connects in London, taking Shu, SuperGlad & Chip demos with us.


Our team grew in size! Simon, Jimmy & Matt join Coatsink.


We attended GDC in San Francisco, taking Shu, SuperGlad and Chip across the pond with us!


For the first time ever we released a game on Steam, with Chip being released onto the platform on April the 25th. We attended Update with a Shu demo.


May was an EVENTful (ha) month, with us attending both Game Horizon and the Nordic Game Festival, taking our favorite trio, Shu, SuperGlad and Chip with us.


We updated Chip – Like A Bot Out of Hell, adding 5 brand new levels, new mechanics and customizables to our Steam debut, for free!


Our team grew in size once more, as we were joined by Shaun and Daley. We had a blast at the almighty Gamescom and took Shu along to Insomnia.


In September we attended VRTGO – the first Virtual Reality conference in Europe. There we debuted our first VR title Esper [link] with a playable demo.

Shu was featured in this Playstation Development Blog as it was announced that Shu is to be released on the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. This happened as we were demoing Shu at EGX in London, leaving our Creative Director Tom with a mountain of comments to respond to in the hotel room!


We were on the news! BBC Breakfast filmed a piece about the growing digital industries in Sunderland and we were lucky enough to be a part of that. We also attended Play Expo, taking our Esper demo out into the world for the second time.


Samsung Gear VR is launched and our Esper demo is featured in the opening line-up in the store.

We’re really happy with the progress we made in 2014 and as always we want to say a massive thankyou to everyone who has supported us. We’re excited about moving steadily into 2015, where we are going to have a lot of awesome stuff to show you.

Wishing you a successful and happy 2015 from all of us at Coatsink. As usual you can stay updated with us via Facebook and Twitter.