Introducing Esper 2!


Today we are delighted to reveal our latest title, Esper 2, at Oculus Connect 2.

Esper 2 is something we have we’ve been quietly chipping away at for the past 8 months. It is a direct sequel to Esper, and will feature the voice talents of Nick Frost, Sean Pertwee and Lara Pulver. Eric Meyers, the voice behind our beloved Geoff, will also be reprising his role.


We’ve pushed the boat out quite a bit further this time. With Esper we established a world and some concepts. With Esper 2 we have applied what we learned and moved forward, creating more dynamic puzzles, more adventure, and more exciting gameplay experiences for you to enjoy.

Join the ranks and travel the world in a first-person puzzle adventure designed especially for VR, while trying not to aggravate the game’s characters in the process… because they’ll let you know if you do.

Esper 2 will be available on Samsung Gear VR, as well as the consumer Oculus Rift next year.


We are very appreciative of the encouragement and support we are shown by gamers and the game development community alike, especially the fantastic team at Oculus.

You should check out our shiny new Esper 2 page too. You can find a few more screenshots on there, as well as links to the Press Kit and more.