Like a Bot out of Hell


The first of our five planned updates to CHIP has hit the mean streets of Steam! In it, you’ll find 5 brand-spanking-new levels including new robot mechanics (geddit?), customisables, and previously-unseen luscious vistas within the kingdom of Rust. Take a gander at these lovely screenshots and full update notes:

  • Two new mechanics (Jumper and Rotator).
  • Jumper: This propels the bolt over the next tile
  • Rotator: This rotates all objects and map tiles around it within in set radius
  • New level pack (“Like a bot out of hell”)
  • 5 new levels with these mechanics, and more to come
  • New tile set
  • New level pack background

Over the coming months we’ll be releasing four more updates (each containing five new levels) to bring the total number of levels to 100 (75 original + 25 new). Naturally, all of these updates will be free-of-charge. And when we finally come to releasing on iOS and Android, you can expect the same there.

Thanks for playing!