RRRR: Recent Release Review Round-up!


You may have noticed that we released a couple of games recently (cough and cough). And, whaddayaknow, some people have been saying some lovely things about them!

On Ajapa, PixelVolt said:

Overall, Ajapa is a deeply enjoyable, challenging title worth any mobile gamer’s time. There’s so much to love here… 8/10

And App Advice said:

Ajapa is entertaining and offers a casual challenge that keeps your brain working. It looks great and plays smoothly. 

Regarding Fatty, The Guardian named it as one of their Apps of the Week and said:

A colourful action game where you bounce through levels eating, growing and burping.

GameWoof added:

Fatty is both fun and entertaining with easy to understand game mechanics. This Android game will satisfy your craving for quite some time…

And PixelVolt returned to say:

Fatty is exactly that: enamoring. It’s very funny, addicting, and adorable, and minutes will turn into hours as you tap feverishly trying to keep that poor girl from viewing your unseemly demise.

Woohoo! Why not go and give them a try?