Shu: Community Update

It’s been a week since Shu was released, and what a great week it was! We’ve received fan art, great reviews, let’s plays and plenty of love on social media.

Incoming Hotfix

We’ve been paying attention to the feedback from the Shu Community and are continuing to refine the game to make it a more enjoyable and smooth experience. Don’t expect radical changes, just minor adjustments and bug fixes.

If you would like to give us feedback or report a bug, you can always head over to the Official Shu forums, or alternatively the Steam Community hub.

Time Trial Competitions


We want to give something back to the eager speed-runners within the community and so we are going to be introducing a fortnightly competition known as “Time Trial Shu-down”. We are still yet to throw down solid plans for this, but the basic idea is that we select a level, and the person with the best time at the end of the 2 weeks will win a prize!

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for updates on the hotfix and Time Trial Shu-down. Thanks again for playing Shu!