Shu Vita: Introducing The Refuge


Yesterday we revealed the launch date for Shu on the PS4 and Steam. We don’t have a date for the Vita release, but we do have some Vita related news that we have been keeping secret since development began!

The Refuge

As promised, The Vita version of Shu will have some exclusive content and this comes in the form of The Refuge. The Refuge will be a place you visit as you progress through the game. You will notice more of The Refuge opening up as you rescue villagers, complete worlds and collect items. This is a nod to the completionists out there, a visual representation of the achievements of the player. It’s also a way for players to track their progress throughout the game and feel a sense of satisfaction upon seeing once frightened villagers, now enjoying a blissful and safe life.


There has been some concern within the PlayStation community that the Vita version of Shu may not see the light of day, but we would like to reiterate that we are 100% committed to bringing Shu to the platform. Shu will run at 60fps on the Vita and is also supported by Cross-Buy. The Vita community has been incredibly passionate and supportive throughout the development of Shu, and we would like to extend out a massive thank you for that!

You can expect an official release date for the Vita version of Shu very soon, but until then stay up to date with us on Facebook and Twitter.