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Dec 17, 2018

The Official Coatsink Discord Server is Online! With a few special features…

We massively appreciate our community here at Coatsink, and I’m thrilled to announce our official Discord server is now online. To mark the occasion, I figured we could take a look at a couple of new features.

Tailored Announcements

No-one likes spam. On Coatsink’s Discord, you can choose to receive only the news and updates YOU want. After joining the Discord (and acknowledging the server rules – play nice!), you’ll find a bunch of custom reactions for our games. Clicking these will only provide notifications when that title is mentioned. Of course, if you want to receive updates for all our games and more general announcements, there’s a reaction for that too.

Coatsink Discord Announcements

We also have channels for game discussions, community content, plus a dedicated giveaway channel for merch and other Coatsink-themed odds and sundries. So join our server, get involved, and maybe win a knick-knack.  

Why Discord?

Discord’s a massively popular and powerful social tool and, with so many of the team already familiar, it presented a unique opportunity to bring the community closer to the studio. Plus it allows us to offer AMAs, Q&As and other community events way more often.

When you see a member with ‘The Team’ as one of their roles – you know they’re one of our lovely development team. Our partner developers, such as Bit Loom Games, also have their own role, so you can communicate with the wonderful geniuses behind the wacky world of PHOGS! As we announce more games from our partners, we will be bringing them into the Discord fold also. Stay tuned!

Get Phoggy on the Coatsink Discord

We can’t wait to chat with you all in our new Discord, so drop by anytime and check us out.

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Plus, get access to exclusive news and sneak peeks of games from us and our trusted partners.

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