Jurassic World Aftermath Collection Nintendo Switch Patch Notes

Nov 14, 2022

Patch 1.0.3 – 8th December 2022

Bugs Repaired:

  • Fixed an issue in Objective 5 where if a player dies after returning to conveyor belt or reloads, the Amber will be missing and they could not progress
  • Fixed an issue in Objective 6 where Pteranodons would not appear on the final train car segment
  • Fixed an issue with objective 5 where players dying to a raptor may result in the game freezing.
  • Fixed multiple instances of overlapping UI
  • Fixed an instance in Ranger station where you could skip some dialogue by using an interaction through a window


  • An objective select feature allowing players to manually choose an objective to load into once they have passed set checkpoints has been added
  • The death sequence has been reworked with new animations

Patch 1.0.2 – 14th November 2022

Bugs Repaired: 

  • Fixed multiple instances where the player could uncrouch and  look out of bounds
  • Fixes have been made to the cables to better show the user which one they are looking at
  • Fixed an issue where the objective select menu option would become unselectable
  • Fixed multiple instances of incorrect textures being applied to objects
  • Fixed multiple instances of missing textures on objects
  • Fixed the UI being present in scenes it’s not supposed to appear in
  • Fixed the grab points on some interactions so they better represent the position of the object
  • Fixed to objects players place not showing correctly
  • Fixed more instances of interacting objects when you should be allowed
  • Fixed a cross platform bug that would cause the raptor chase music to not play under certain conditions
  • Fixed some voice lines playing when the voice volume is set to 0
  • Fixed the matching pair minigame present in part 2 to work as intended
  • Fixed a missing pteranodon in the monorail sequence
  • Fixed the monorail lever in operations not having any audio or particle effects
  • Fixed instances of re-appearing tutorial text
  • Fixed a missing object in monorail that could cause you see through the world
  • Fixed a case where you could access object select unintentionally
  • Fixed the cable interaction size so they are easier to use
  • Fixes to the cable minigame in Monorail Tunnels in order to avoid a soft lock
  • Fixed the torch so unintended shadow artifacts no longer appear


  • Reduced a lag spike that would occur when VO would play.
  • Added death scene dinosaurs
  • Level exit scanners now show progress as you hold
  • Improvements have been made to the death scene to speed up the restart time
  • Changed the startup flow so you can no longer see the pause menu flash up for a frame
  • Added music to the credits sequence
  • Lowered the haptic intensity of the intro Trex sequence
  • Modified the crouch logic so players can no longer lean and look out of bounds
  • Modified some checkpoints in the Recycling Centre to avoid a soft lock
  • Added missing sounds to the vents in Recycling Centre
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