The Last Hero of Nostalgaia Patch Notes

Oct 21, 2022

  • Fixed a bad bug where tethering at NPCs for boss “quick loads” didn’t work.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to scroll through the list of their own written messages.
  • Fixed an issue where access would reset its self down to 20 when picking up more.
  • Fixed an issue where door connecting NPC city to Heartflow Altar could be used twice after a saved game is loaded.
  • Fixed an issue where hammering roll while out of stamina could cause the player to briefly glide forward without animating.
  • Fixed an issue where Unburdening 30 items doesn’t update your equip load until reloading the game.
  • Fixed an issue where cinematics made all messages appear, even if players had chosen to hide all messages
  • Fixed an issue where killing The Grinder in multiplayer awarded double memory.
  • Fixed an issue where item pickups dropped from enemies didn’t process the lucky bonus chance of giving you an extra item.
  • Fixed an issue where backstabbing Sco would cause her to freeze.
  • Fixed an issue where you could cast spells from your inventory regardless of how much access you had.
  • Fixed an issue where Wunderschoenenberg could not navigate around Sco properly, leading to occasional freezes in her behavior.
  • Fixed an issue where Nhero and Sco wouldn’t help with the Arachnid in The Depths
  • Fixed an issue where the intro cutscene wasn’t properly playing on Steam Deck
  • Added new key rebinding options for “Select Next Item” and “Switch Stance”
  • Added an accessibility option for “Hold Roll to Sprint.”
  • Added “Controller recommended” screen on new game.
  • Friendly combatant NPCs are not much more likely to draw agro durring boss fights.
  • Fogwall after Wunderschoenenberg now stays up until you go into the king’s room. to fix an issue where some players were getting lost.

Xbox Series X|S:

Xbox One:

Windows 10:

Bugs Repaired:

See Steam Patch notes 1.3.38, 1.3.40 and 1.3.41 for all fixes included in this role out.

Patch Notes – Steam – 1.3.42: 2 November 2022

Bugs Repaired:

  • Fixed a huge issue where all multiplayer games were using the US West server.
  • Fixed an issue where curved sword type weapons sometimes failed hit detection.
  • Fixed an issue in Oreshaft Village where players could get out of bounds.
  • Fixed missing collision Warlock’s Wilds “Lost Woods” area.
  • Fixed a problem in Warlock’s Wilds where players can get stuck beside the kick-down grave.
  • Fixed issue where Mercucio could sometimes land outside the arena when jumping.
  • Fixed players randomly dying in the Castle Party area as a result of a misplaced scene loading trigger.
  • Fixed Sco not drawing agro from Wunder
  • Fixed issue where narrator if the player returned to that area.
  • Fixed the exploit where the Runed Introspective Purse could lead to massive memory drops.
  • Fixed interacting and backstabbing states becoming broken if you’re hit by an arrow.
  • Fixed being able to talk to Vengence after killing her just after fighting Gnom.
  • Made it so that Nhero and Sco’s quest line is failed if you don’t talk to them before leaving the mines, as opposed to defeating the grinder.
  • Fixed issue where on subsequent attempts at the rolling through the fog wall could cause a death.


  • Added a warning on the “join” window to remind players that their story progress will be merged with the host’s world.
  • Added “aim up” functionality – swinging at enemies above the player cause the player to aim up slightly.

Patch Notes – Steam – 1.3.41: 28 October 2022

Bugs Repaired:

  • Fixed a bug where the game can soft lock while resting at the beacon before the if an enemy comes up the lift with you.
  • Fixed a bug where equipping a different left hand weapon deleted the current left hand weapon until the load is done, leading to strange behaviour.
  • Fixed a bug where you could equip weapons during a remember process, leading to a game break if you equip shields in the right hand.
  • Fixed a bug where player sometimes spawns naked and becomes unable to move if their equipment config breaks.
  • Fixed the issue where the old man doesn’t show up in Also retroactively fixed this for people whose game is in a broken save state.
  • Fixed a soft lock that happens if the Reservoir unburdens your armor while you wear it.

In MP, clients will now break any z-target when being forced onto an elevator, fixing a broken player state issue.

  • Fixed a bug where Nhero’s shield doesn’t update for the client in MP when the host gives him the shield of inspiration.
  • Fixed a bug where the bikini armor’s remember location was incorrectly set.


  • Changed it so that after the king death sequence, all tethering/return to beacon items are reset to the moat. The goal here is to prevent people from using a “return to beacon” and warping far away from the needed narrative flow.
  • Changed it so that the beacon tether tutorial appears when you hover over the button, because we think some people were not pressing it out of confusion.
  • Added warning when entering mines for the first time if you don’t have the hammer, because we were having TONS of reports of people going through the game without upgrading their weapon.
  • Increased Chinese font size in menus, after a negative review pointed it out. Much better now.

Patch Notes – Steam – 1.3.40: 25 October 2022

Bugs Repaired:

  • Fixed issue where performing a weapon’s special swing without a shield in the left hand was causing incorrect damage output.
  • Fixed it so that projectiles do not cause friendly fire.
  • Fixed a bug where the client spawns in multiplayer with the wrong attack animations.
  • Fixed two flat-wall-shimmies that you could actually just walk across.
  • Fixed issue where rebinding controls would create errors in our tutorial messages.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could get out of bounds in the NPC City area connected to the Hall of Heroes
  • Fixed a bug where in MP, the client could push the host around.
  • Fixed a bug where you could use an unusable item by hovering the mouse around while the use menu was up.


  • Added safety checks to our message server to ensure more consistent up time.
  • Adjusted how camera Y-Axis sensitivity works so that it feels a lot more natural.
  • Made it so that the “Unburden every item” achievement is actually achievable considering items that can’t be Unburdened.
  • Made it so that Unburdening Nhero and Sco’s quest line items is a viable option to move the NPC quest lines forward.
  • Added redundant backup fall-death triggers if the player falls through the world.
  • Buffed many weapon’s special swing damage output.

Patch Notes – Steam – 1.3.38: 20 October 2022

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed an issue where if you started the game in the demo, your save data didn’t have a multiplayer item
  • Fixed an issue where if you kill an anti-hero (those guys with pots on their head) with the prickly mirror code, they die over and over again. 
  • Fixed the ‘You Rated: GOOD’ or ‘You rated: BAD’ messaging
  • Fixed an issue where ‘ztargeting’ didn’t work properly for enemies that were in strange poses, like laying on the ground or hiding behind objects.
  • Fixed the jump-back floating issue
  • Fixed two typos in lore and text
  • Fixed issue where performing a weapon’s special swing without a shield in the left hand was causing incorrect damage output.
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles caused friendly fire


  • Increased ZTarget range to 25 meters from 17.
  • Jump-backs give you iframes for exactly .2 seconds after the start of the jumping back state.
  • Buffed the special swing damage output on several weapons
  • Added redundant backup fall-death triggers if player falls through the world.

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