Moonglow Bay 1.04 Xbox Patch Notes

Apr 6, 2022

A major Moonglow Bay update is now available to download across Xbox Platforms. Yesterday, we gave you some insight into the journey to reach this point. Today we’re really excited for you to dive in and play.

Here’s the full breakdown of what you’ll find in this major Moonglow Bay Xbox Update.

Xbox Patch Notes 1.04


  • Controller, and keyboard + mouse (Win 10 only) controls are now fully rebindable! Rebinding can be found under the Options menu.
  • Auto-save feature. Game now saves when the player sleeps.
  • ‘Help! I’m Stuck’ option has been added to the pause menu. Teleports the player to a safe area if stuck in the environment.

Main Menu / UI

  • Improvements to the Boiling minigame.
  • Improvements made to UI navigation.
    • Able to navigate menus using the D-pad.
    • Able to navigate shop UI with controller bumpers.
    • Able to hold down buttons to navigate sections of the journal and when adding / removing multiple items while selecting quantity.
  • Adjusted the page scrolling to carousel through items.
  • “Show/hide completed” preference in Task journal is saved permanently.
  • Fixed an issue where hidden tasks remained hidden when there were no active tasks in the journal.
  • Expanded Options menu; more added to Audio and Graphics.
  • Options menu will no longer default to English after rebooting the game in a different language.
  • Audio tracks no longer persist when exiting to the Main Menu and overlap the main theme.
  • Other minor updates to the UI.


  • Improvements to performance with less screen tearing. (Ongoing issue which will be further improved over the course of future updates). 
  • Fixed an issue where save data would break when connecting a controller during the splash screens.
  • All active controllers are now all assigned to Player 1 until co-op is triggered.
  • Co-op can now be played with one keyboard and one controller.
  • Co-op now only triggers by selecting it through the pause menu and pressing the requested key/button.
  • Fixed an issue where River got stuck upstairs in the Player’s home after ending Co-op.
  • Save/Load button prompts no longer spillover the borders of the screen.
  • Restaurateur achievement unlocks only when all requirements are reached.


  • Ramp added to the small beach behind the player’s home.
  • The Two Cats can now be docked at the Marina Docks.
  • The Two Cats can no longer be entered if it’s fully damaged.
    • The Dinghy now moves regardless of whether the Two Cats is fully damaged.
      • The Dinghy no longer sinks.
  • Players will no longer fall through the door of the cabin.
  • During co-op, the player will no longer be soft blocked if attempting to assist while collecting fish from a net.
  • During later stages of the game, the player’s extra vending machine is now fully visible.
  • The ramps have been recovered at the Cozy Cavern.
  • Other minor issues addressed.

The next section contains chapter specific fixes and will contain some story spoilers.

Chapter Specific: 


  • Door will now open before River walks through during her first cutscene.

Chapter 1:

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when loading previous save data during Ruin of Ships encounter.
  • Quick time events during the Ruin of Ships’ encounter no longer fail instantly.
  • Fixed an audio issue where the Ruin of Ships audio persisted if reloading the game during the encounter.
  • If you return to town during the encounter with the Ruin of Ships, its soundtrack will no longer disappear.
  • River won’t get stuck when you save and quit during the lobster trap tutorial.
  • Lobster tutorial will now progress when started alongside the purchase of a boat upgrade.
  • Repair items sold in the Boat Shop are now locked until the Two Cats has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where Waffles was in the sea during the Pink Limestone Cove cutscene.

Chapter 2:

  • Storm Fish is only visible when its quest is active.

Chapter 3:

  • The dinghy’s acceleration won’t build up and shoot forward while over water currents in the Hot Springs if the map is open or the game is paused.
  • When the Ocean Doors are opened and the player visits the Twintail Lake straight away, the Twin Fish will show at their correct location.

Chapter 4:

  • The player can no longer enter the Crystal Squid’s den before its encounter. 
  • The Crystal Squid will now release the trash piles during co-op.

Chapter 5:

  • Cloud textures now display correctly in the Astral Planes and around its borders stopping players entering out of bounds areas.
  • Fishing line no longer snaps immediately in the Astral Planes while casting to the furthest distance possible.
  • Final transmitter can only be placed once its quest is active.
  • Updated some of the cutscenes in Chapter 5 where text was missing.

If you haven’t spotted your particular issue or if you’re still continuing to have issues with the game post update, do let us know via social media or on Discord

Thank you for continuing to be patient and supportive throughout this process. We are deeply sorry for the issues you’ve experienced and we truly hope this update goes some way to helping you continue your adventures in a way that we intended.

We hope to see you in the Bay very soon!

Ray Willmott

Ray W - Senior Social Media & Community Manager

Ray has worked across a number of globally recognised franchises and specialises at building friendly and welcoming communities. He also loves a good pun!

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