Game Release: Esper 2, Oculus Rift

The first wave of Oculus Rifts have been delivered to consumers, meaning new Virtual Reality experiences are upon the world at long last. We’ve been working closely with Virtual Reality for the last few years. Previously we launched Esper and Esper 2 on the Samsung Gear VR, a more lightweight experience, a great introductory piece of tech for those new to VR.

The Oculus Rift is a more powerful feat, in terms of performance and technical capability. We are happy that Esper 2 is included as one of the launch titles, available immediately on the Oculus Store.


Esper 2 follows on from the events of Esper (which will also be available on the Oculus Store soon), where the player finds themselves in the shoes of a member of the public who has gained unexplained telekinetic abilities. Esper 2 will take you further down the line, as you join the ESPR agency to recover a mysterious artefact. Nick Frost, Sean Pertwee, Eric Meyers and Lara Pulver lend their voice acting talents, as they accompany you on a journey into the outer reaches of your mind -and beyond.

We are really pleased with the response we have had thus far and are taking note of feedback. We’ve had coverage from Kotaku, Time, PC World and more. We are very enthusiastic about Virtual Reality and believe strongly in its viability. The public release of the Oculus Rift is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to see what is around the next (virtual) corner.

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