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Apr 30, 2020

Get Packed FAQs

Get Packed just came out and we are sure that you still have a couple of question that need answering! After launch, we hosted a Q&A on Reddit to answer as many questions as possible. We have received an incredible amount of questions from the community. Thanks to each and everyone who contributed to it! In this blog post, we want to share the Get Packed FAQs with you in case you missed it.

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How long did it take you to develop the game for Stadia?

Get Packed has been in development since November 2017. Making it work for Stadia didn’t take all that long at all – We use the game engine Unity which has solid support for creating for Stadia.

What is different between developing games for Stadia than developing for other platforms?

During early development, we encountered a number of challenges especially regarding performance because we were dealing with so many unknowns.

Stadia offers consistent performance beyond that of current generation consoles and that of many peoples home computers – hugely helpful when cranking the physics up to 11 like we have.

Are there any plans to bring any of your other games to Stadia?

By other games I guess you’re speaking about Coatsink specifically – we have nothing to announce at this time but we do have a fantastic relationship with Stadia so who knows!

What kind of game has Coatsink not yet developed that you think might be fun to explore on Stadia?

Small Note: Coatsink didn’t develop Get Packed, we are its publisher (Moonshine Games are the developer). In terms of Stadia in general, we think the sky is the limit, it has so many unique avenues to do new things and we can’t wait to see how the platform evolves over time!

Does Get Packed have any Stadia only features?

Currently no, but we are looking into adding features like Crowd Play to enable players to connect with one another in new ways.

Does Get Packed include a Crowd Play feature?

Get Packed does not currently support Crowd Play however we hope to add it in the future. Be sure to follow our Facebook or Twitter for any updates on feature support and more.

Will Get Packed receive updates?

Yes, we will be looking to provide patches in the near future to address a few minor things and improve stability even further!

We will also be bringing additional content post-launch at some point in the future.

Are there any particular upsides or downsides you’d like to share considering developing for Stadia?

In terms of developing for Stadia its a bit of an expansive question – we do have an unannounced presentation (can’t say more than that) coming soon that will dive deep into the technicals of developing for Stadia – keep your eyes peeled for that!

How much of this game was based on the developers’ first-hand experience with breaking stuff while moving?

A word from the developer:

“From the outset, we wanted to make a cooperative game which families and friends could play together. At the time, our artist Callum had recently helped a friend move from campus and remembered the clown-like challenge of cramming all his stuff into this tiny car. It’s something a lot of people can relate to and a goldmine for comedy. Get Packed takes that experience and throws in cathartic, cartoony destruction and ridiculous physics.”

Was Get Packed a challenging game to develop?

As the first title from the developer (Moonshine Games) there are always learning curves. They decided to set the bar high in many areas, including Physics. It’s been a monumental effort and both Moonshine and Coatsink are thrilled with the outcome. We look forward to seeing you in-game.

Are you planning on releasing other games on Stadia?

Moonshine (developers) would like to get over the excitement of their first launch before thinking about others. For Coatsink (publisher), we have a fantastic relationship with Stadia, so who knows!

Are you planning to release games that would be permanent Stadia exclusives?

No plans to announce right now, but we’re not opposed to the idea.

What do you think of Stadia as a platform for developing games?

To use the words of the development team (Moonshine Studios)

‘It’s been an incredibly smooth process. Unity has fantastic integration with Stadia, so the development has been similar to a standard console title and thanks to the power of Stadia, we’ve been able to push the graphics and gameplay that much further.’

If you’re interested in more Get Packed info – feel free to join our Discord at

Can you share why you picked Stadia as your first platform, and the support you have received from Google?

Whilst developing Get Packed, we partnered with Stadia to bring the game to their platform first. Stadia’s help and support has been invaluable in enabling us and Moonshine (the developers) to make Get Packed the very best it could be. In addition, their marketing support has been fantastic – our announce and launch both featured prominently in their Stadia Connect showcases.

How is the experience for single player?

While Get Packed has definitely been designed with a multiplayer experience in mind, it is still a lot of fun to play solo. We think most people will look to bring a friend, family member or match-made Stadia player into the mix to multiply the carnage however.

I like to know how big this game is. So how many levels can we expect?

There is a total of 15 levels – 12 in the main campaign and 3 Versus mode levels. You unlock campaign levels one by one by playing through the campaign mode and getting at least 1-star rating. There may or may not be more levels coming – but we can’t talk about that now… I’ve already said too muc… [crackling noise]

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