Shadow Point shortlisted for VR Awards Game of the Year

Jul 1, 2019

It’s only been two months since we launched Shadow Point on Oculus Quest and the Rift platform. What a crazy ride it’s been! We received hundreds of reviews,  watched dozens of playthroughs and streams from content creators and read lots of reviews.  On top of that, Shadow Point became a finalist for Game of the Year at the VR Awards.

We’re incredibly honoured and proud to be listed alongside many critically acclaimed games that highly contributed to the rise in popularity of the virtual reality platform in the past months.

We would like to celebrate this great achievement with our new accolades trailer which can be watched down below.

Watch our Accolades Trailer

Shadow Point convinced judges in terms of originality, gameplay aspects, comforts, immersion and innovation. 

With Shadow Point, we wanted to bring a puzzle game with an original story to the virtual reality platform. We tried to create our own fantasy world and make a puzzle game that makes use of all features the newly launched Oculus Quest has to offer.

We received (and are still receiving) a great number of positive reviews on Shadow Point but the VR Game of the Year nomination marked the pinnacle of our expectations.

A review that really caught us by surprise was written by user GlowBox. He told us that he gave his Oculus Quest to his 68-year-old father who is a huge fan of Sir Patrick Stewart but doesn’t really enjoy video games. 

After about 10 minutes he had completely forgotten about everything prior and was totally immersed in what he described later as a “lucid dream” (As having never tried any VR, obviously)! 

I quote my father, “That sure as hell wasn’t a video game! Hahahooo! Are there any more things like this?”


Oculus Reviews

It goes without saying that having Sir Patrick Stewart as the narrator in our game was a great deal to us. We dreamed about this happening but didn’t really believe it until the day it happened. Everyone who has watched films featuring Sir Patrick Stewart knows that he has the perfect voice – naturally, he was the perfect choice for Edgar Mansfield.

It’s great to see that people who usually don’t play video games are willing to give it a try because of him. Video games – or more specifically virtual reality games – don’t only appeal to experienced gamers but also casual gamers or people who have never played video games. It’s highly rewarding to develop a game that doesn’t only target a specific group of people but is accessible to everyone. This is also why Shadow Point includes a variety of comfort options: Everyone should be able to enjoy games effortlessly.

This nomination wouldn’t be possible without the great support from the virtual reality community. We would like to thank each and every one of you for playing Shadow Point!

Needless to say, we’re looking forward to the next couple of weeks and months and can’t wait to attend the VR Awards in November.

If you want to know more about other categories and finalists at the VR Awards, then please click the button down below. We wish the best of luck to all contestants.

Ray Willmott

Ray looks after Moonglow Bay, REPLACED and #Coatsink10 ! He adores a good curry, loves RPGs, and has worked across a number of globally recognised franchises

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